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ExpressTrain Transformation Suite is an integrated set of powerful tools that help you accelerate the development and deployment of consistent, concurrent and compliant training, performance support and verification materials in a variety of formats for your required standard operating processes, protocols and procedures (SOPs). With its proven methodology and capabilities that reduce risk, reduce costs, and save time, you can easily develop, generate and update Knowledge Products such as Instructor-led Workshops,  Web-Based  Training,  Electronic/Printed  Reference  and  Software  Applications  Training.  Just capture your core content in one place with our ExpressTrain Templates, store it in our Knowledge-Base and let ExpressTrain TS create your desired multiple outputs in seconds.





Capture your core content into a KnowledgeBase with

Capture core content into a KnowledgeBase with ExpressTrain TS Knowledge Capture

Capture core content using MS Word templates

Structure content using built-in Knowledge Classes

Create a content KnowledgeBase using MS Access

Elaborate and embellish using any multimedia asset



Transform your content into Knowledge Products with





Transform captured content into desirable Knowledge Products with ExpressTrain TS Knowledge Transformation

Generate group-based training, including PowerPoint slides and leader/participant guides

Generate web-based training (WBT) including tutorials, practice, simulation, and assessment

Generate electronic references including performance checklists, job aids and troubleshooting tables



Publish your Knowledge Products with




Reuse assets using knowledge class links

Generate documents and reports including SOPs, work instructions, task qualifications and flex reports

Publish SCORM-conformant WBT lessons for your Learning Management System (LMS)

Publish documents and reports to your Document Management System (DMS)

Publish electronic references to your Knowledge Management System (KMS)

Publish tests and results to your Assessment Management System (AMS)

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