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Statistical Process Control, commonly referred to as SPC, is a method for monitoring, controlling and, ideally, improving a process through statistical analysis. The philosophy states that all processes exhibit intrinsic variation. However, sometimes processes exhibit excessive variation that produces undesirable or unpredictable results. SPC, in a manufacturing process optimization context, is used to reduce variation to achieve the best target value.

Real-time or in-line SPC is defined as the technique of applying SPC on the shop floor at the time of production. Real-time SPC gathers product and process information in real-time and provides operators and plant managers with alerts, triggers, and other event management tools to quickly contain and fix defects before they leave the shop floor.


Applied Net Solutions delivers a best of breed solution implementing an on site project management.

Basic implementation services include project assessment, planning and time line development leading to a single 3 day onsite visit. A solution engineer will travel to your facility to train your team, install and configure WinSPC, and ensure the software is optimized to match your data collection methodologies.


  • Increase manufacturing profitability:
    Real-time statistical process control software allows you to improve your overall responsiveness and efficiency, resulting in a lower cost of quality.
  • Improve product and process quality:
    WinSPC gives you the power to prevent process errors that lead to defects, allowing you to consistently deliver a high quality product.
  • Reduce waste, scrap, and rework:
    Real-time statistical process control software allows your team to reduce unwanted variation, resulting in less waste, scrap and rework.
  • Minimize variation:
    Real-time SPC delivers immediate, actionable information to personnel, allowing them to detect, correct, and minimize process variation in real time.
  • Improve customer satisfaction:
    WinSPC allows you to assure a consistent, high-quality product, minimize warranty repairs, and quickly deliver comprehensive reports to your customers.
  • Meet regulatory requirements:
    Real-time SPC software enables audit-ability across your process, is FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant, and enables you to cost-effectively meet ISO, TS, FDA and USDA requirements.


Collect shop-floor data in real-time from virtually any source—gages, devices, machines, and other data sources. WinSPC’s simple, three-step connection process makes it easy to simply connect and begin collecting data from almost anything.

Empower your operators with real-time, actionable intel- ligence. WinSPC displays real-time control charts on the shop floor - your team to immediately detect and correct process issues.

Automatically alert personnel, execute custom programs, shut down machines, or engage other systems if a non- conformance or rule violation occurs using WinSPC’s built-in triggers. Whether your requirements are as simple as send- ing an email or as complex as triggering a process within a corrective action system, WinSPC gives you the power to close the quality loop from “detection-to-correction.”

Industries Served
Alternative Energy Building Materials Computer, Semiconductor & Computer-Related
Answer questions, detect changes and discover trends with WinSPC’s data sets. Using data sets quality teams can identify, prevent, and prioritize quality issues at a macro level. Unlike the traditional micro- scopic nature of SPC, which focuses on a specific variable, data sets offer a broad view of your database—enabling you to proactively monitor and uncover high priority issues.

Experiment, visualize, and reveal more information about any variable using the one-click variable analyzer. The variable analyzer delivers both point-of-production and historical analysis capabilities. It puts an entire set of statistical tools at your fingertips – giving you a comprehensive view of your data from one convenient screen.

Identify the hidden cost of give-away, overfill, rework or scrap that weaken a company’s profits using WinSPC’s Cost Inspector™. The Cost Inspector links manufacturing cost information with current and historical process data, empowering quality teams to.

Quickly create, publish and share quality reports across your organization using WinSPC’s graphical report builder and dozens of standard report templates.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements
WinSPC’s event log feature enables manufacturers who are subject to regulatory requirements (FDA, USDA, ISO, TS, etc.) to build audit- ability into their manufacturing process.

Exchange Information with Systems & Software
Integrate WinSPC with other software and hardware using our built-in APS’s with over 400 methods and properties of OLE . WinSPC also communicates bi-directionally with other systems, software and devices via OPC (Version 1, 2, and 3), DDE, serial, and ODBC.

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