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The Power of Data. Optimized.


TankScan™ is a remote level monitoring solution for liquid tanks.Used by service providers of liquid products to optimize delivery routes and providing just in time service to increase customer satisfaction and create maximum efficiencies. It is also used by end users for inventory management and usage trend reporting.



• Oil and Fuel Distribution

• Waste Oil and Water Recovery

• Chemical Storage and Distribution

• Water Distribution and Storage

• Lubrication and D.E.F.



•Lower Measurement Costs
Automated systems eliminate labor and other costs associated with manual tank


•Just-in-time Delivery
Tank monitoring allows distributors of liquid products to deliver when the customer needs it, avoiding costly run-outs and reducing excess inventory.


•Cost-effective Expansion
By freeing up fleet time that used to be spent on inefficient delivery routes, allow distributors to add customers without adding trucks or drivers.


•Improved Customer Information
Customers can be warned before tank levels get too low and require costly emergency deliveries. Allows easy access to inventory levels anywhere, any time to make better purchasing decisions.







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